Financial Consolidation Platform

Let strategic finance teams
strategize. Multi-entity finance in a single click.

Migrations Are for the Birds

Integrate your financial stack with Nominal in less than 15 minutes.

Automated Adjustment and Elimination Journal Entries

Instant, seamless, and accurate. Say goodbye to the tedious and time-consuming task of managing inter-entity transactions and say hello to cleaner, reconciled books with minimal manual effort.

Real-Time Dimensional Data That’s as Accurate as It Is Accessible

Get from data to decision fast by segmenting geographies, departments, cost centers, and custom dimensions. Use dimension allocation rules and turn crude account-level data into coherent actionable insights.


Business is global and your accounting should be, too. Nominal’s ledgers support multi-currency and automatically post revaluation transactions, ensuring financials are always compliant.

The Smartest in Finance 
are Moving Beyond Spreadsheets

Implement robust reporting and multi-entity consolidation in minutes, not months.

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Data Integration
Instant seamless syncing with your accounting tools.
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Automated Alignment
Intelligent AI-driven mapping aligns subsidiary accounts to parent chart of accounts effortlessly.
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Just moments to confirm with AI-powered automated validations, ensuring accurate alignment accounting tools.
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Unified Eliminations & Adjustments
Off-the-books adjustments and inter-company elimination in seconds.
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One-Click Custom Reports
Near-instant generation of dimension-driven reports simplifies data interpretation and strategic planning.
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Advanced Analysis Suite
Consolidated dashboard brings together inter-period evaluations, budget vs. actual insights, and key financial performance indicators, all accessible with a single click.
Without Nominal
Data Input
Manually exporting and entering financial data into a new worksheet.
Manual Linking
Linking each subsidiary account to the parent chart of accounts using VLOOKUPs, PivotTables and Excel formulas, risking broken links or misalignment.
Validation and Error Handling
Double-checking and verifying that every new account is correctly mapped, making corrections where necessary.
Eliminations & Adjustments
Manual tracking of inter-entity transactions, crafting elimination entries, recalculating for discrepancies, and currency fluctuations, often leading to multiple iterations.
Custom Reports Creation
Segmenting data to craft custom reports (i.e. P&L by department, AR aging by subsidiary), each
taking up valuable time and effort.
Inter-period and Budget vs. Actual Analysis
Aggregating data from diverse worksheets for period-over-period comparisons, often involving repetitive copy-pasting between files, risking costly errors and oversights.