Transform the way your financial data is managed

Uncover valuable insights, identify meaningful patterns, and gain a deeper understanding of your business operations securely with Nominal’s centralized Financial Data Lake.

Tailored Reporting at Your Fingertips

Generate dynamic custom reports with ease from ERP ledgers and other enterprise systems, ensuring you have the right data you need to inform strategic decisions. Nominal supports a wide range of use cases, from performance benchmarking to consolidated adjusted financial statements.

Crystal-Clear Financial Visibility

Real-time data analysis means decisions are made with the most up-to-date information, every time.

Enhance Data Consistency & Clarity

Nominal centralizes GAAP and non-GAAP financials, unlocking a holistic and accurate financial picture.


Nominal integrates with your current stack to free your team from tedious tasks and expensive errors.


Keep your existing financial stack plus your CRM and HRIS, all while powering and empowering your business with Nominal.


Minimize effort while maximizing efficiency when you replace manual spreadsheets with Nominal’s intuitive automations.


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