Beyond Automation: Unlock Efficiencies with Generative Workflows

Turn routine manual tasks into opportunities for innovation and efficiency.

Custom Workflows

Tailor workflows with generative AI to fit your unique accounting processes and needs. Automate routine tasks to focus on strategic financial analysis. Boost control with customizable approval processes and alerts. Upgrade operations with integrations to leading business software.


Simplify lease accounting with comprehensive ASC 842/IFRS 16 compliance. Automate lease classification and liability recognition for operational and finance leases.Improve lease management with centralized tracking of lease terms and payments. Enhance reporting capabilities for greater transparency and control.


Clarify month-end close processes with efficient tracking of accruals such as expense capitalization.  Ensure accuracy with real-time adjustments and reconciliations. Improve financial reporting with detailed accrual insights.

A picture of a credit card and a picture of a credit card.
A set of three pricing cards for a furniture sale.

Fixed Assets

Streamline fixed asset management from acquisition to disposal. Automate depreciation calculations for various methods and schedules. Improve asset tracking with detailed historical records. Empower better decision-making with comprehensive fixed asset reporting.

Deferred Revenue

Deferred RevenueAutomate revenue recognition to comply with ASC 606 and IFRS 15 standards effortlessly. Elevate compliance and decision-making with advanced waterfall and roll-forward reports. Maintain sound financial tracking with an integrated and comprehensive sub-ledger. Navigate complex accounting effortlessly with workflows customized for commissions and VSOE calculations.